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In Campos de Azahar we want everyone to be able to enjoy our oranges. This is why we offer our customers the option of making their purchase in our online fruit shop simply by following very simple steps. What are you waiting for?

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"Like any other orange, the oranges Navel Lane Late that we offer on Campos de Azahar have a very low caloric and fat content."

Buy table oranges

The oranges from Campos de Azahar are originally from Valencia, offering a very high quality. If you want to buy oranges from Valencia, we offer you the possibility in our online shop, so you can enjoy natural fruit freshly picked from the tree. To buy oranges, follow these steps:
  • Go to our main page and click on: Oranges
  • Select Oranges and select the amount of kilos that you want (10kg or 15kg).
  • Add to the cart, apply a discount code if you have one and then click on Checkout.
  • Once on the checkout page, add your personal details and the payment details. That´s it!
Contact us if there is any problem while making your online order.

Kinds of table oranges

There are many different kinds of oranges. However, some oranges are made for their juice and others to eat directly. In Campos de Azahar we offer the ones to eat: Navel Lane Late, which is popular for its sweetness and sometimes acid touch which makes its taste unique. We offer this variety to our customers for 19€ when buying 10kg and for only 26€ when buying 15kg.

Health benefits of the table oranges

The oranges present many health benefits for the body. When eating the full fruit they have a very positive effect on our body both in children and adults. Here are the main benefits of eating the full orange and not just drinking its juice:
  • High content of vitamin C.
  • Improve the skin conditions since they have many antioxidant nutrients.
  • Noticeably reduce cholesterol levels.
  • They help with digestion.
  • They are a good element for diets to lose weight.
  • Improve the immune system.

Nutritional information about the table oranges

Like any other orange, the Nave Lane Late that we offer at Campos de Azahar has a low caloric and fat content, which are perfect to include in any diet. They provide a lot of vitamin C and carotenoids which are great to prevent many diseases. They also contain: hesperidin, neohesperidine, naringin, narirutin, tangerine and nobiletin.