Fruit packages and boxes

Why stopping yourself from having a great variety of fruits at your table? Get home the best fruits and products from our fields.

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Fruit boxes from Valencia

If you are not looking only for oranges or mandarins and you would like a box with both products, you came to the right place! From now on, you will be able to purchase your personalized fruit box including the following:
  • Oranges from Valencia
  • Mandarins from Valencia
  • Buddha´s Hand lemon
The next steps are easy! You just need to decide what products you would like in your box and pick the amount of Kg of each kind so that we can prepare them and deliver them to your home! Also, keep an eye on our website since we planning on having more products available very soon to add to this fruit box.


The best oranges from Valencia, picked from our fields and delivered to your home in less than 48 hours. No chemical treatments or artificial processes so that you can enjoy the natural orange taste.


Su pequeño tamaño esconde un enorme sabor. Perfecta para dar a nuestros hijos tras la comida o incluso para merendar. Un producto valenciano con innumerables beneficios para nuestro organismo.

Buddha´s Hand lemon

Un limón que, pese a su forma tan peculiar y sabor tan característico, son un auténtico «debe» en la cocina actual. Vuestros platos tendrán un nuevo significado añadiendo este producto a vuestra cocina. Si no os lo creéis, solo tenéis que comprarlos para comprobar la magia que tendrán vuestras recetas.