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Mandarins from Valencia

The mandarin is the fruit from the Mandarin tree, even though it is similar to the orange it is usually less round and a bit smaller. They are easily recognized by their orange colour and size. At Campos de Azahar we make purchasing mandarins online an easy task.


The Octubrin is a variety that has its origin in Valencia. It has a high demand from foreign countries so it is well recognised at an international level. One of the reasons for its high demand is the fact that you can pick it one month earlier due to the amount of juice it contains and how easy it is to be peeled.


The Clemenvilla mandarin´s colour is orange-red and a bit bigger than the previous variety. These mandarins contain a lot of juice but it is a bit harder to peel them. This kind is popular for its acidity and specific smell.

Health benefits of the mandarins

We are able to collect mandarins on our fields from October to May. Their properties and benefits are very similar to those from the oranges. Some of the main health benefits are:
  • Natural anti-inflammatory and relieve body pain.
  • Strengthen immunologic system.
  • Strengthen teeth and bones.
  • Prevents several diseases like liver cancer.
  • Reduces constipation.
  • Provides vitamin C.
  • Antimicrobial properties.
If you purchase our mandarins online you will discover the amazing quality of natural products from Valencia.