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We offer unique lemons with the best taste and you will be able to find out once you try them. This is your chance.

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Buy lemons from Valencia

The lemons that we offer at Campos de Azahar are well known for their amazing quality and taste. Beside the usual lemon, we offer Buddha's hand which is a unique product used in the fine cuisine and also Verna lemons which are great to make juice. All our lemons are collected directly from the tree and introduced into the box that will be sent to your home, right after you place your order. If you buy lemons online, you will enjoy all the advantages of buying from home plus the guarantee of buying 100% high quality Valencian lemons. Our lemons are always treated naturally and are not manipulated or chemically treated in any way. That is why we consider our products to be fresh and natural. Our priority is the health and the environment and taking the best care of our fields and crops. The buying process to buy lemons is very simple.
  • Go to our main page and click on: Lemons and select the variety and quantity that you prefer.
  • Add to the cart, apply a discount code if you have one and then click on Checkout.
  • Once on the checkout page, add your personal details, payment details and your address to receive your order. That's it!

Lemon varieties

Today we offer two lemon varieties from our fields. The first variety that we offer is the Buddha's hand, which is a unique fruit very difficult to find in Europe. It has an exclusive smell and taste which is popular in the fine cuisine. On the other hand, we offer Verna Lemons which are great to make juice and for daily consumption. Let's go through some of the main health benefits and nutrients that lemons provide.

Health benefits of eating lemons

  • Have high anti inflammatory properties.
  • Help to prevent and fight breathing diseases.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Improve the skin conditions since they have many antioxidant nutrients.
  • Noticeably reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Help the body to maintain the right body PH.
  • Help the body to reduce toxins.