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Our jams are produced with natural fruits from Valencia of the best quality. Our crops grow on fields where we respect and take care of the environment around us.

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The jams from Campos de Azahar are made from fruits collected directly from the tree. If you buy our jams online, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable  and easy purchase. Also, we guarantee that all our jams are from fruits from Valencia and have the best quality. The online purchase process to buy our natural jam is very simple.
  • Go to our main page and click on: jams and select the flavour and quantity and add them to the cart.
  • The next step is to apply a discount code if you have one and then click on Checkout.
  • Once on the checkout page, add your personal details and the payment details and address for the delivery. Done!
If you want to purchase jam online but you have some questions or problems, please contact us by email or by phone call so that we can help you!

Kinds of jams

We offer the following flavours of jam: Buddha's hand jan, lemon jam, orange jam and mandarin jam.

Benefits of our jams

Depending on the kind of jam, the benefits might vary slightly, but the common benefits are the following:
  • They include both the fruit and the peel of the fruit.
  • High content in fibre.
  • Provide energy, fat and glucose so it is highly recommended for athletes.
  • It is perfect for breakfast, snacks or even to add on recipes.
  • Can also be found when the fruits are not on season.

Nutritional information of the jams

Our jams have a high content in fat and glucose which is why they are highly recommended for children and athletes or people with an active lifestyle. Eating jam with moderation is a great way of giving our bodies nutrients and minerals from fresh fruits. At Campos de Azahar we want everyone to be able to enjoy natural jams from their homes, no matter where they live in Spain, so that anyone can enjoy high quality products from Valencia.