Oranges from Valencia

In Campos de Azahar you can get Valencian oranges in a fast and easy way. In our online shop, we offer our clients the opportunity to buy oranges online but also other products from the area such as mandarins, honey, natural jams, Budha Hand lemons, etc.

Our main values are quality, which we guarantee through the care of our crops and the Valencian origin. In our fields you can find the best Valencian oranges and we send them directly from the trees to your home. You can enjoy them after a meal, you can use them for delicious recipes or you can make your own natural orange juice every morning.

We have several orange varieties and we offer them depending on the season. Some of the orange varieties are: Navelina, Navel Late, Chislett or Red/Blood oranges. We also offer different varieties of mandarins in different months or seasons. Some mandarin examples are: Clemenvilla and Octubrin.

Do not miss our fruit packages were you can get a variety of products from our fields to your home for you to enjoy a mix of fresh fruits for the best price. It can range from mandarins and oranges to many more, depending on the season.

Our fields are in Montesa, a small town in Valencia region, one of the best places to grow oranges and mandarins. Moreover, we are able to adjust our prices since there are no intermediaries, our product goes directly from our tree to your home.

Buy our oranges from Valencia online, through our secure website and get the products in only 24 hours for the best price possible!

Orange varieties

Among the orange varieties that we offer, we want to highlight the Clementinas which are ready by October and the Navel Powell which are available until the end of May, meaning that we have oranges from early autumn to late spring.

The Clementines variety is a mix between the mandarins and the oranges and have a bittersweet taste whereas the Navel Powell are extremely sweet. This last variety is highly popular because of the quality and juice.

On the other hand, the blood orange is also a very important element within our crops. It has a very distinctive colour that names the variety and it has high antioxidant properties.

By eating oranges on a regular basis, no matter the variety, you will notice many benefits on your health because of the vitamin C and the antioxidant power.

Health benefits of the oranges

Some of the best properties of the oranges are:

  • Helps the body to fight infections.

  • Its high content in phosphorus is good for the long term memory.

  • Prevent some kinds of cancer, like the stomach cancer.

  • Affects the stress and anxiety control in a beneficial way.

  • It’s a strong antioxidant, which is good against aging.

  • Helps to prevention and recovery from colds and flus.

  • Reduce cholesterol levels in blood.

  • Reduce inflammation in the body.

  • It´s a diuretic fruit.

Nutritional information

The orange has low caloric content and fat, making it an essential element in a well balanced diet. Its high content of vitamin C, approximately 82mg per orange, whereas the recommended amount is 60mg per day.